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The Family

Once upon a time we had homes in Santa Cruz, California, and in Höpfingen, Germany. In the spring of 2003 our American home moved from the beach to the Rocky Mountains in Big Elk Meadows, Colorado. The following links focus on family members at play in both Germany and the US over the last seven years or so:

Big Elk Meadows

"The Meadows" is (are?) a beautiful, rather isolated community in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Boulder, Colorado. The links below lead to pictures of the Meadows and the people who live and work and play there.

Höpfingen, Germany

Southern Germany is incredibly beautiful and almost edibly colorful in the Spring.

Costa Rica Surf Trip, Summer 2005

So far I just have a glimpse of a boat trip from Playa Del Coco to Ollie's Point and Witch's Rock.

Motorcycle Training Course -- Greeley, June 2005

Fellow class members: Now accepting suggestions for photo captions. And I would like your mailing addresses sent to paul@sweazey.com if you would like a CD of the full-sized originals. --pms

April 2006